I craft digital experiences

Hello, I am Adebimpe Adebowale, a digital Product Designer. I help early-stage and mid-sized companies craft digital experiences and create products that solves problems and provides meaningful and relevant experiences to users.

In the third year of my undergraduate degree, I started to dabble into learning how to code, which eventually led me to User Experience Design. At a point when I was comfortable with HTML and CSS, the user experience of the products I was building wasn't good enough. I wanted to make my websites visually appealing to users, and design amazing experiences. This led me to learn graphics design using Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to improve the quality of the products I was designing.

Over the last four years of professional experience, I have led design across various roles in the field of user experience design and development since starting. I have worked across various industries like Finance, Healthcare, E-commerce. I have worked with small and medium design teams to create products that solve problems and provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users.

Let's work together

I’ll be happy to discuss new opportunities. Let’s get in touch! Feel free to reach out to me any time. I prefer to talk over email.

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